The Dune Hotel: Introduction

Each month we’ll explore the themes presented within the Dune Hotel, an internally driven and coastal inspired concept project completed in 2021 by our Studio Team.


Each year, our Studio Team completes its favorite departmental initiative over the span of several months. The Concept Project, an independently and internally driven project, serves as a focused time for our Studio Artists to interpret industry trends and explore their personal styles to their fullest, positing fresh originals directly into our collection.

Our Studio Director sets the creative direction and timeline, giving the team a mock property and fictional target client for which to create art. About halfway through, the Studio Artists come together for a critique where they peer review each other’s progress.

Last year, our fictional property was called The Dune Hotel, and its easy, breezy, beautiful, beach self was chosen for a few reasons:

  • Our collection already had an array of tried-and-true coastal artwork, so it was time for a refresh, especially considering how many beachy properties we get in a year!
  • Coastal descriptors like light, airy, textural, etc. are widely applicable to a range of content and styles, not just “beach art.” Using the idea that The Dune Hotel is coastal in theme but not in location (“bringing the beach to Anywhere, USA”) allows us to broadly interpret light, airy, or textural aesthetics to suit a wide range of styles and spaces. The versatility of an elegant and airy piece of art, for example, can go from a luxury space to a brand standard easily.


Enjoy these pieces which are just a preview of some of the amazing work that was made for the project.

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