Art in Focus: Swirling Ceramics at Loews Coral Gables

Inspired by the sweeping path of a dance, hundreds of hand-crafted porcelain forms by artist Jennifer Prichard welcome guests to the Loews Coral Gables Hotel. Our expert Art Curation team worked with the artist to create this energetic installation.



Jennifer Prichard’s refined, organic porcelain forms are much sought after for hospitality, commercial, and residential spaces due to the strong synergy between Jennifer’s work and the spaces which they occupy. With beauty and balance as the top priority, Kalisher curators teamed up with design group CallisonRTKL, ownership group Agave Holdings, and Jennifer to create an installation imbued with energy and poise for the luxurious lobby of the Loews Coral Gables Hotel.

Each piece was individually hand-formed, glazed, and fired, then arranged and anchored on-site. When placing the flowing forms, Jennifer took inspiration from flamenco dance, and the rhythmic steps dancers take as they glide across the floor.


Each hand-formed piece is approximately 2 to 5 inches in diameter
Glazed porcelain forms in a kiln
The finished porcelain pieces, installed over wallcovering


White and gold glazes were uniquely applied to each piece, the artist following her intuition and the flow of the organic forms, accenting their depth and movement. Jennifer has named this particular type of form “bijou.” In Japanese, it means “a small and delicately worked piece,” and is written as 美女, using the characters for “beautiful” and “woman.”

This installation at the Loews Coral Gables Hotel compliments the circular motif in the lobby with its looping shapes of porcelain, drawing the eye with its meandering path.

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