Spring Fair Finds & Trends: Part 2

April and May were busy months for Art Fairs all around – from Dallas to New York, our teams have gathered the latest trends in fine art. In Part 1, we explored examples of trends Female Focused Art and Portraits & Figurative Work. Here in Part 2, we’re looking at trends Bold, Bright, & Brushy and Abstract Expressionism.


Before we dive in, a bit more about the myriad Art Fairs that we were able to attend throughout late April and May:

  • Dallas Art Fair offered everything from Cowboy Rococo to Intimate Visions of Aging. There were a plethora of female-focused art, portraits, self-portraits and abstract works this year with distinctive big, bold, colorful looks.
  • Independent & TEFAF ran concurrently from May 12th – 16th.  Independent is a local-brand fair that features art ranging from the emerging to the radical old-guard.
  • The European Fine Art Foundation, TEFAF [New York] is the US edition of the well-established Dutch fair for antiques, fine art, and contemporary collectible design featuring highly curated vignettes of contemporary and classic pieces.
  • NADA, short for New Art Dealers Alliance, is a globally focused fair that recently relocated to West Chelsea and ran concurrently with Frieze and Volta from May 18th – 21st. The group is a non-profit arts organization dedicated to the cultivation, support, and advancement of new voices in contemporary art.
  • Basel-born Volta Art Fair took place in NY from May 17th – 21st and featured works focusing on identity, global events, and ideologies, with a particular focus on female artists.
  • Frieze New York, a spinoff of Frieze in London, introduced a reduced scale and offered 3 floors of expertly curated shows. The show ran from May 17th – 21st at its new location, The Shed in Hudson Yards.


Please enjoy this May collection which shares the latest trends while celebrating the work of contemporary artists!

Left: Joani Tremblay with Harper’s Gallery at NADA | Right: Elizabeth Schwaiger at Nicola Vassell Gallery at Independent
Left: Shirley Jaffe being shown by Galerie Nathalie Obadia at TEFAF New York | Matthias Van Arkel with INDA Gallery at Volta
Tiago Cameiro da Cunha at NADA
Pace Gallery at TEFAF New York
Left: South African artist Kemang Wa Lehulere showing at Frieze New York | Right: Tanya Aguiñiga showing with Volume Gallery at NADA
Mary Lovelace O’Neal at Jenkins Johnson at Frieze New York

Watch this space for more of our favorite art, goings-on and inspiration. In the meantime, find the perfect art for your projects on Art Lab and by following us on Instagram.

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