This is the last part of an ongoing series featuring the works of our in-house Studio Artists. This series was focused on a “spring” theme in a Residential Concept Project. Interested in more? Here are parts 1,  2,  3,  4, and 5 of our Concept Project series.

The Concept Project is an annual initiative with our Studio Artist team to create independently driven work throughout the year.

Studio Artists created concept collections with a variety of properties in mind, all with a “Spring” theme – from upscale senior living facilities to contemporary corporate workspaces, the team produced originals for a range of imagined multifamily clients. As art trends shift towards more residential aesthetics steeped in personality, Il Mio (“My Own”) illustrates possibilities for spaces to feel more curated, inviting, and personal.


Inspired by the Irish toast meaning “health,” artist Kat Morgan’s capsule collection is driven by the concept of the renewal and the multitudes of life in Spring. A cohesive color palette of neutrals, oranges, and greens unifies the work as it spans various styles and media. The intent is to provide a series onto which the guest can project their own storied and nuanced interpretations of rebirth.

Residential Concept Project Part.6: Concept 2&3
Siren Song
Residential Concept Project Part.6: Concept 4
House Words
Residential Concept Project Part.6: Concept 5&6
An Offering

Look out for more original art every month on Art Lab! Meet all of our Studio Artists through their work on the Concept Project here.

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