This is part 1 of an ongoing series featuring the works of our in-house Studio Artists.


The Concept Project is an annual initiative with our Studio Artist team to create independently driven work throughout the year.

Studio Artists created concept collections with a variety of properties in mind, all with a “Spring” theme – from upscale senior living facilities to contemporary corporate work spaces, the team produced originals for a range of imagined multifamily clients. As art trends shift towards more residential aesthetics steeped in personality, Il Mio (“My Own”) illustrates possibilities for spaces to feel more curated, inviting, and personal.

Springtime Cookery: The Home Cook Collection

This collection by artist Evelyn Minton is inspired by memories of springtime comfort in the kitchen, delivering an overall sunny aesthetic and residential vibe through a variety of media and styles.

Beside the Window
Lace Curtain | Goose Eggs
Nonna’s Wallpaper
Four Vessels
Root Cellar Still Life
Table Runners

Look out for part 2 coming soon!

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