Four Corners

This month’s collection is inspired by this summer’s resurgence of US travel.

As Americans become more comfortable with traveling again, cities like New York, Atlanta, Orlando, Seattle, Miami and Las Vegas have cracked the top 10 destinations list.

Please enjoy the August collection which celebrates the regionalism of all four corners of North America as shown by these contemporary artists, artists Kalisher has commissioned work from and custom creations by Kalisher’s talented team of Studio Artists.



Terri Loewenthal

Terri Loewenthal | Visit


Dana Younger

Dana Younger | Visit


Jeff Stevens Art

Jeff Stevens | Visit


Julie Wolfe

Julie Wolfe | Visit


Kalisher Studio

Kalisher Studio




Kalisher Studio

Kalisher Studio


Meredith Nemirov

Meredith Nemirov  | Visig


Amy Lay

Amy Lay | Visit



Sienna Martz

Sienna Martz | Visit



Lilo | Visit


kalisher studio

Kalisher Studio


Donald Martiny

Donald Martiny | Visit




Dasha Pears

Dasha Pears | Visit


Vincente Weber

Vincente Weber | Visit


Chris Condon

Chris Condon | Visit

See the full collection here.


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