Art Trends: WELLNESS

We’re diving a little further into current hospitality art trends this month – this week, we’re looking at the WELLNESS trend. Check out the rest of our explorations on themes on the blog.   Often hand-in-hand with the Biophilia trend we discussed on the blog last week, one of the most well-recognized trends in the …

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Art Lab in March: Art 1

Art Lab in March

We love the play of light and shadow and vibrant color palettes for this month’s collection of original art by our Studio Artists. See the whole March collection here!  

Art Trends: THEMATIC

Throughout the next month, we’ll explore current art trends in depth. The first one is THEMATIC – collections designed around a theme. Find the rest of our explorations on themes on the blog.   While thematic focuses have always played a role in design narratives, they are now taking center stage as a way to …

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Art Trends: Tech Assist - Art 1

Art Trends: Tech Assist

This month’s collection explores artist relationships with technology.   The relationship between art and technology is all abuzz as of late, and this month’s Art Trends report dives right into the fray. Feast your eyes and bend your brain with this curated collection of art that explores technologies as artistic tools – read the full …

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