Properties all over the world—from select service to luxury—are using our custom-made artwork to tell local stories and inspire guests.


Art to make you feel at home. Work with our unsurpassed artists to create bespoke pieces that locate and complement your multifamily design.

Senior Living

We work closely with our partners to create art collections optimal for the Senior Living experience in both style and subject matter.


Our specialized collections for healing facilities are made with care and backed by evidence-based research on the role of art in healing environments.


Whether commissioned or created in-house, leave it to our studio to source art for you that confidently integrates your company’s identity and vision.

Cruise Ships

Guest rooms, spectacular public spaces and crew areas—we’ve provided creative and inspiring work for all cruise ship spaces.

Kalisher Studio Artists

In-house artists are a crucial ingredient to our creative engine, giving us the capacity to make custom fine art right here in our studio.

Our award-winning studio artists synthesize an array of specializations (sculpture, painting, illustration, graphic design, photography, the list goes on) into unparalleled creative expertise. With an art library of over 40,000 images and thousands of new pieces custom-made each year, we can tell any story in any style.

Because great art belongs everywhere.

Commissioned Fine Art

We identify and work with local independent artists from every corner of the globe.

Some clients prefer to collect from a diverse range of global artists, others prefer a majority of the artwork to be commissioned from artists local to the hotel. We’re quite happy and thrive in either scenario.


Rest easy — our dedicated art consultants have the chops to elevate any space.

We’ve got 40+ years of experience curating and commissioning original artwork for luxury hospitality brands, high-end residential projects, and healthcare properties.

Leave it to our in-house Curation team to make art happen anywhere in the world, whether that’s a large-scale sculptural centerpiece or a series from that undiscovered creative right next door.

Manufacturing & Fabrication

In-house manufacturing ensures timeliness, cost-effectiveness, and quality.

Bi-coastal production studios offer:

•  Custom framing & printing
•  In-house CNC routing
•  Direct printing
•  Custom wallcovering
•  Artistic embellishment
•  Fabrication

Our art experts work with top-of-the-line technology to frame and fabricate our pieces with utmost care and craft.

Kalisher Wallcovering

Bring grand-scale art, texture and pattern into your spaces with Kalisher Wallcovering.

Infinitely scalable artwork custom built to fit your walls.

Framed Art & Mirrors

Hand-crafted frames turn our fine art quality prints into masterpieces.

Custom moulding built by manufacturing artisans can act as subtle accompaniment or bold pop statement, adding layers and longevity to already timeless artwork.

Canvas Art

Any of our pieces can be built into a canvas print, adding a classical twist to our artists’ genre-spanning work.

Perimeter details are extended into a bleed that wraps around each piece’s edges, lending them a dimensional spark and turning any space into a gallery wall.

The Library

Sign up with your email address to get access to our Library, which is a great resource for all things technical when spec’ing art for your projects. It’s also a primer on how our art is developed and built.

Peek behind the scenes of Kalisher and see our latest & greatest.

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