Art Trends: WELLNESS

We’re diving a little further into current hospitality art trends this month – this week, we’re looking at the WELLNESS trend. Check out the rest of our explorations on themes on the blog.


Often hand-in-hand with the Biophilia trend we discussed on the blog last week, one of the most well-recognized trends in the hospitality industry is designing for an enhanced sense of wellbeing. This means that spaces are being designed in a way that is strategically mindful of sound, lighting, a connection to nature and allows areas for contemplation and fitness. Spaces are consciously carved out for mental escape or treating oneself. Colors tend to be lighter, paler, and lower contrast in wellness-focused areas. This translates to artwork in the way of material selection, color, form, style and balance as shown by a few of our favorite projects below:


South Seas Island Resort

Breezy views, bright blue water, and neutral textiles in this South Seas Resort suite make for the perfect wellness retreat. Our Curation team worked with artist Mo FIN and designers at EoA Inc to create dimensional artwork above the bed that is right at home on the shore. Undulating painted driftwood pieces mirror the waves lapping at the beach just beyond view. The result makes us want to kick off our shoes, plant ourselves on the balcony with something refreshing to sip, and soak in the scenery for the afternoon.

First impressions are important, especially in the hospitality industry. At Hotel Effie in Miramar Beach, FL, guests are greeted with a wide, warmly lit lobby that features art at a grand size. The sweeping expanse doesn’t feel overwhelming though, due to thoughtfully coordinated colors and textures in the large art pieces and nearby furniture. Kalisher curators worked with designers at Design Continuum to create a space that exudes a calm feeling of wellness – commissioned artist Deb Paradise’s towering installation of abstract porcelain forms feels weightless, as though a pleasant gust of wind had just swept through the lobby and swirled feathers or leaves around.

Hotel Effie

A feeling of wellness in a space can be achieved with color as well – at The Godfrey Hotel Hollywood in Los Angeles, CA, a simple accent wall covered top to bottom in an ethereal watercolor painting conveys the statement, “You’re here to relax.” The open plan suites feel spacious despite their compact size, and the calming blue paintings complement a mood of boutique luxury. Kalisher Studio Artists created these custom wallcoverings, and we have to admit our powder rooms at home are a bit envious.

The Godfrey

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