We’re diving a little further into current hospitality art trends this month – this week, we’re looking at the FULL SATURATION trend. Check out the rest of our explorations on themes on the blog.


In a complete 180 from our post last week about the serene, pastel and neutral hues of the Wellness trend, jewel tones are back on the scene! Rich, fully saturated hues are being layered and paired to create engaging, moody spaces that are a feast for the eyes. Lighting plays a big role in washing rooms with deep color, complemented by art sitting in dramatic pools of light and shadow. These palettes work for a surprising variety of spaces – here are a few of our favorites:


The Norwegian Encore

This lounge on the Norwegian Encore cruise ship is almost surreal with its fully saturated velvets and artful gallery wall arrangement. The consistency of color is somehow both inviting and mysterious. Deep green becomes a neutral when the entire room is steeped in it, drawing eyes to the only things in the space that aren’t green – the art on the walls. Talented Art Consultants at our sister company, Soho Art Consulting, did an incredible job curating this ship’s extensive collection of art designed to impress.

Saturated lighting is another way to create an atmosphere awash with color, as seen in this high rise fitness center at 1 N Dearborn in Chicago, IL. Kalisher Art Consultants worked with designers at Wright Hereema Architects and Kalisher Studio Artists to produce these custom wallcoverings that work perfectly with the lighting surrounding it. While the wallcoverings are desaturated, they appear to become fully saturated by vivid neon lights.

1 N Dearborn

These examples are on the extreme end of the spectrum of full saturation – designers of Kingston Lafferty Design go all-out with color, from floor to ceiling and everything in between. Artist Timur Mitin dreams up spaces with rounded shapes, each imagined room looking as if it were dipped in a vat of color. An original work by South Carolina-based artist Jennifer Jones would be perfect for one of these lush spaces.

Kingston Lafferty Design | Timur Mitin
Kingston Lafferty Design | Jennifer Jones

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