Art Trends: SEE

S | ustainability

E | co-art

E | thical practices


Sustainability, eco-art, and ethical practices are top of mind in current art circles. Our burgeoning awareness of environmental issues and a push towards a more sustainable art scene has designers, brands, and owners looking for creative ways to incorporate ecologically-focused work within their collections.

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Between incorporating discarded or reusable materials, utilizing biodegradable materials or processes, and repurposing items within a new context, there are myriad ways to create with a minimal carbon footprint. Our Curation team has gathered a collection of environmentally-friendly artwork by conscious creators for your inspiration this month.

ArtTrendsAlex Lockwood
Alex Lockwood | sculptor who works with repurposed materials
ArtTrendsAurora Robson
Aurora Robson | multi-media artist intercepting the plastic waste stream
ArtTrendsBart Vargus
Bart Vargus | artist utilizing waste materials such as recycled wood from stage sets
ArtTrendsHilliary Gabryel
Hilliary Gabryel | artist utilizing mass-produced objects such as secondhand furniture
ArtTrendsIlene Sunshine
Ilene Sunshine | multi-media artist using eclectic materials such as leaves and discarded toys
ArtTrendsJonathan Imafidor
Jonathan Imafidor | sculpture artist using scrap metal
ArtTrendsLucile Salamone
Lucile Salamone | three-dimensional artist using renewable, plant-based materials
ArtTrendsTali Weinberg
Tali Weinberg | multimedia artist combining plant-derived fibers and dyes, climate data, and more

Watch this space for more visual treats. In the meantime, find inspiration for your art designs on Art Lab and by following us on Instagram.

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