Art Trend: Material Matters

This month’s collection is inspired by Materiality.

In relation to art, Materiality is how art’s material qualities are sensed, interpreted and understood. The interpretation of materials allows us to imbue additional layers of meaning into artwork both abstract and representative in nature and helps us to bridge the gap between the material world and immaterial realms of thought. Please enjoy this July collection which celebrates the way in which meaning is magnified through the careful use of materials as shown by the work of these contemporary artists, artists Kalisher has commissioned work from and custom creations by Kalisher’s talented team of Studio Artists.


Brian Peters | Visit


Abel Macias Art

Abel Macias | Visit


Laura Burke

Laura Burke | Visit


Olivia Cognet

Olivia Cognet | Visit


Cristina Camacho

Cristina Camacho | Visit


Kalisher Studio

Kalisher Studio Artists | Visit


Margo van Erkelens

Margo van Erkelens | Visit


Bokle Design

Bokle Design | Visit

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