Art Trends: Made to be FELT

From stunning sculptural pieces to subtle surfaces, artists are marrying form and function with all things FELT.


While perusing Atlanta’s Winter Market, our curation and creative teams noticed a surprising motif: beautifully transformed felt. More than the sum of its densely matted animal or synthetic fibers, this oft-overlooked medium lends versatility, durability, and endless shades of color to the artists and designers that use it. Its sound-dampening properties allow it to act as both an acoustic treatment and a refined art piece.

Due to felt’s tightly matted structure, it lends itself well to sculptural, dimensional pieces, from mathematical geometry to organic waves. Explore the rivers, valleys, and folds of this unique medium in the curated collection of works below.

Art by Kristy Kun
February Atlanta Market Installation Shot topaz low resolution x
Textural felt abstract art | exhibited at Atlanta’s Winter Market
Art by Eliza Redmann
waller hewett Side topaz low resolution x
Art by Waller Hewett
Art by Submaterial
Flora Kovacs topaz low resolution x
Art by Flora Kovacs
Emily Mann topaz low resolution x
Art by Emily Mann

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