Trend Report: High Point Market Trends

Creative Director Dawn Renner distills trends from this year’s High Point Market!


With Dawn’s eagle eyes and a thoughtful overview of trends from a variety of perspectives, this month’s trend report four different categories:

  • Form
  • Palette
  • Material
  • Function


Forms were front row in many showrooms at the Market, curvilinear lines and organic shapes rolling through and around designed spaces.

Palettes had two distinct trends: one consistent theme was warm and soft color, though often in full saturation. Think floor-to-ceiling color, rooms awash in monochromatic hues that are easy on the eyes. The other was punchier: vibrant pops of red and pink splashed across spaces in contrast to their more understated surroundings.

Materials used as accent art, focal pieces of furniture, and sculptural moments focused on natural and organic materials. Often, these materials were juxtaposed against one another: rough, raw clay against a smooth glaze or burled wood set against lustrous leather.

Functional design is a trend we’re especially excited about – art used as wayfinding tools, clever signs and other uses. This includes art that combines functionality and form, from artistic acoustic tiles to expressive room numbers, and beyond.

Enjoy these curated examples of each of category with images taken at the show, from our archives of inspiration, and from our talented team of Studio Artists!

1 · Form

|  Curvilinear shapes  |

Kalisher Studio Artists | K-C-16325

2 · Palette

|  Warm & Soft  |  Unapologetic pops of red & pink  |

Kalisher Studio Artists | K-740306

3 · Material

|  Natural / Organic  |  Juxtaposition of material  |

Kalisher Studio Artists | K-54633

4 · Function

|  Wayfinding  |  Multi-use  |

Lighting installation at Loews Hotel 1000 in Seattle

Watch this space for more visual treats. In the meantime, find inspiration for your art designs on Art Lab and by following us on Instagram.

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