Art Trends: Affordable Art Fair

Our Art Consultants headed to Austin, TX to soak in the latest fine art trends.


Jesse Kalisher said it, we strive to embody it: “Great art everywhere.” So it’s only right that we found ourselves at the Affordable Art Fair, whose mission for the last 20 years has been to “make art accessible to all.” Of the many and varied artists displaying their work at the fair, we’ve highlighted these three themes among the pieces we loved most:

  • Deconstruction / Reconstruction
  • Organic Materials with Modern Applications
  • Unexpected Materials


More about each theme and fine art examples galore are below!


Austin Affordable Art Fair Macro Textile
The works of Shibori stood out from the crowd with their hand-dyed silk artwork, displaying their exceptional skill with fiber manipulation


Deconstruction / Reconstruction

Artwork capturing the moment of unraveling or regenerating explored a wide variety of themes including the self and nature.

Austin Affordable Art Fair Paper Art
Laser cut embossed archival inkjet print by Karen Navarro
Austin Affordable Art Fair Fiber Art
Textural wool triptych by Alicia Brown
Austin Affordable Art Fair Location
Photographic work by Xan Padron


Organic Materials with Modern Applications

The juxtaposition of natural elements in a modern context or vice versa encourages conversations regarding the relationship between the two, and creates artwork that is decisively contemporary.

Austin Affordable Art Fair Mixed Media
Bamboo, chord, and amate paper piece by Lou Peralta
Austin Affordable Art Fair Mixed Media Macro
Abstracted landscape of objects in glass tubes by Monika Hardy


Unexpected Materials

Showcasing unique materials in unusual ways creates intriguing and powerful visual feasts. This can be seen in the pins and thread pieces by Samir Farris below, which create modern Rothko-esque compositions.

Austin Affordable Art Fair framed art
Framed art by Samir Farris
Austin Affordable Art Fair textural art
Found objects on canvas by Lisa Bennett
Austin Affordable Art Fair textile art
Hand dyed fiber artwork by Shibori


Watch this space for more visual treats. In the meantime, find inspiration for your art designs on Art Lab and by following us on Instagram.

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