Art Trends: A Moment Unstuck In Time

This art moment focuses on a curated show at Pasaquan that pairs contemporary artists within the immersive estate.


Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, Pasaquan is best described as an art environment. Its creator, St. EOM (aka Eddie Owens Martin), began his project in 1957 and worked on the expansive creations on the property in Buena Vista, GA, over the course of the next 30 years. He imbued the buildings, grounds, and sculptures with his visions of a personal utopia. In St. EOM’s idyllic future, all cultures and ethnic groups come together in harmony to connect with the Earth and universe – an idea he communicated visually in his world of brightly painted and constructed environments.

Today, preservationists in partnership with Columbus State University work to preserve this unique site and open it to the public. The show Unstuck In Time is curated by Columbus State’s Friends of Pasaquan and the Bo Bartlett Center. It showcases artists like Amy Pleasant (white bust, below) among St. EOM’s enveloping murals. Pulitzer Prize-winning “Art Critic of the People” Jerry Saltz also visited Pasaquan in preparation for the show, now open through December 16th, 2023. Enjoy the below snapshots of some of our favorite moments from the show:


Jerry Saltz at Pasaquan
Amy Pleasant sculpture in one of St. EOM’s immersive rooms at Pasaquan
Jerry Saltz at Pasaquan
Ceramic instrument artwork by Julia Elsas
Jerry Saltz at Pasaquan
Abstract sculpture by artist Erik Frydenborg

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