Art Swagger 2023 is Around the Corner!

Art Swagger 2023 takes place this year on October 5th! We’ve partnered with Art Swagger to connect a plethora of Los Angeles-local design firms with artists we love. Each design firm will be hosting an artist’s pop up gallery in their offices as event goers “swagger” to and fro throughout the walkable district, taking in the art and enjoying the scene.


Art Swagger is an annual fundraiser benefiting Free Arts, a nonprofit organization that provides creative arts programs to more than 22,000 children recovering from abuse, neglect, poverty or homelessness in Los Angeles annually. This year, Kalisher played matchmaker with the participating design firms and the artists they’ll host for the Swagger. Each design firm selected an artist based on how the artist illustrates the design firm’s brand. From elegant abstracts to playful paintings, the art you’ll find at this year’s Art Swagger is eclectic, original, and inspiring. Below you’ll find a preview of the artists and their work you’ll find when we see you there!

To connect about Art Swagger or any of your art or project needs, reach out to Kalisher Head of Sales Lisa Eddy.


Ali Futrell


Beverly Morrison


Christophe Piallat


David Lovejoy


David Woodland


Hedy Torres


Lilo on Paper


Margaret Griffith


Shane Grammer


Susan Logoreci


Teale Hatheway

Keep an eye out for more on the Kalisher blog, and find art to inspire on Art Lab and at our Instagram.

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