Curated Collection: Lunar Legacy

Our eagle-eyed Curators have been around the galaxy, perusing art near and far. From infinity and beyond, this “Lunar Legacy” collection is inspired by the multimedia creative arts archive that will be heading to space this week.


The art archive is set to jet to the moon as part of a permanent installation that is to remain stationed on its silvery surface. Called the Lunar Codex, the archive is a digitized collection of contemporary art, poetry, magazines, music, film, podcasts, and books from 157 countries. It was started by physicist and author Samuel Peralta in collaboration with Canadian technology company Incandence.

Please enjoy this grouping which expresses all things celestial. These selected pieces celebrate work by contemporary artists, artists from whom Kalisher has commissioned work, and custom creations by Kalisher’s talented team of studio artists.

Owen Schuh | Iteration in Red | Graphite, watercolor, gold and silver leaf on paper
Owen Schuh | Four Folds [& Detail] | Graphite, gold and copper leaf, ink on acrylic primed canvas
Christine Cassano | Conductive Pathways | Copper, nylon cord
Nouvel Limited | Vissio | Hand-blown glass, brass
Kalisher Studio Artists | K-85273, K-85275, K-85828
Christine Cassano | Terra Strata | Limited edition prints on paper
Kalisher Studio Artists | K-522736
Johanna Goodman | The Catalogue of Imaginary Beings | Collage on paper
Dennis Ekstedt | Bright Star | Oil on canvas
Dennis Ekstedt | Lodestar #31 | Oil on canvas
Kalisher Studio Artists | K-711457
Loie Hollowell | Standing in Sunset | Oil, acrylic medium and high density foam on linen over panel
Tara Donovan | Sphere | Plastic
Daniel Goldstein | Pillars of Fire and Cloud | Clear and dichroic acrylic, thread
Paul Van Hoeydonck | Fallen Astronaut | Aluminum

Fallen Astronaut (above) is a 3.5-inch aluminum sculpture created by Belgian artist Paul Van Hoeydonck. It is a stylized figure of an astronaut in a spacesuit, intended to commemorate the astronauts and cosmonauts who have died in the advancement of space exploration. It was commissioned and placed on the Moon by the crew of Apollo 15 at Hadley Rille on August 2, 1971. The crew kept the memorial’s existence a secret until after completing their mission.

You can read more about the archive that will be sent to the moon here.

Watch this space for more art world goings-on and happenings. In the meantime, find inspiration for your art designs on Art Lab and by following us on Instagram.

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