Art in Focus: Luminous Menagerie

At BDNY this weekend, we’re excited to introduce you to our Luminous Menagerie, created by artist Malia Landis in collaboration with our Curation team.


Kalisher worked with ceramicist Malia Landis on “Luminous Menagerie,” a display of lavishly esoteric insects in cloches reminiscent of Victorian Era decor. Tarkett Hospitality’s booth, themed around their Dark Academia carpet collection, pairs these ethereal insects with Tarkett’s innovative and moody new patterns. We thoroughly enjoyed creating a suite of art including custom wall covering to help bring Tarkett’s vision to life. The collection fuses historic sensitivities with modern sensibilities, creating a feeling reminiscent of the popular Dark Academia trend.

The insects created by Malia juxtapose materials with starkly different qualities: the natural-grained wood of the base, the transparent rounded glass of the cloche dome, the glossy glaze of the porcelain, and the reflective gold of the accents. Her delicate ceramic forms and their lustrous finishes invite closer inspection — lose yourself in a preview of these little worlds below.

Porcelain scarab and mushrooms in a glass cloche by Malia Landis
Small butterfly hand-formed from porcelain with gold accents by Malia Landis
Porcelain cicada details by Malia Landis
Hand-crafted butterfly and mushrooms in a glass cloche by Malia Landis

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