Art in Focus: Folded Poetry

Unfolding the beauty of Eliza Redmann’s intricate geometric designs.


Collage Eliza Redmann Paper Artwork

Eliza Redmann’s work is a celebration of line and shadow, her experience as an architect displayed in each cleanly folded line. She looks to architecture as inspiration in many of her pieces, recalling Escher’s tessellated shapes and Brutalist strength of form. Redmann’s work hand cut, folded, and assembled demonstrates the endless capacity for depth and complexity in these simplest of shapes.

Our Curation team has had the pleasure of placing her work in art collections at several projects. Redmann’s delicate work complements a variety of art styles, able to appear subtle or bold depending on her use of color and depth of form, and is perfect for adding a dimensional element to spaces in residential and hospitality settings alike. Check out some great examples of Eliza’s work both complete and in-progress below:

Comissioned Large Scale Paper Craft Artwork
We loved working with Eliza on this piece for the Vista Sky Lounge at Governor’s Park in Denver, CO
Eliza Redmann Folded Paper Artwork Assembly
Eliza lays out the individually constructed elements
Eliza Redmann Folded Paper Artwork Process
Color is added via more meticulously cut paper shapes
Eliza Redmann Folded Paper Artwork Finished
Eliza presents the finished piece for the Vista Sky Lounge
Red Geometric Paper Folded Artwork
Red hexagonal shapes seem to form organically on the white wall
Paper Craft Artwork Process
Eliza assembling pieces on her cutting mat in this glimpse into her process
Brutalist Folded Paper Artwork
Eliza was a joy to work with on this Brutalist-inspired piece for The Jay Hotel
Kalisher Workshop Paper Fine Art
Our team crafted a collaborative folded paper piece with Eliza at a workshop she held at our office!

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