Art in Focus: AC Hotel Dayton Nods to History

When designers at Meyers + Associates said they were interested in illustrating history through AC Hotel Dayton’s art collection, our expert Curators and Art Consultants sprang to action, creating a cohesive, inspired collection of work by a blend of artists.


Artist Heather Delisle works in ceramics, creating unique installations in arrays of shadow and texture. Each small ceramic globe is shaped and glazed by the artist — due to the nature of the sawdust firing process, the final finish of each part of the installation is not seen until it’s removed from the firing kiln. The way the sawdust combusts within the kiln creates carbon imprints in the clay that are spontaneous in their expression.

While the arrangement of the clay shapes was loosely planned, the location of each individual piece was instinctively chosen by the artist, responding to the architectural design of the installation site and the uniquities of the ceramic forms to allow the finished work to take shape organically.


In the breakfast nook, our Curators worked with one of our trusted fabricators to create a custom dimensional metal wall sculpture. Twisting and turning like a topographical map, the piece incorporates elements inspired by the spirit of found objects, nodding to Dayton’s industrial history with its use of manipulated metal.


The Curation team called on artist Kristin Breiseth for this trio of giclee prints in AC Dayton’s conference room. Our manufacturing team handled the original monotype prints with care to create high-resolution scans of the works in order to produce giclee prints that suit the space’s sizing needs.


Printed on fine art paper and framed, this high-contrast composition of abstract brush strokes by the Kalisher Studio Artist team rounds out the hotel’s art collection in the fitness center.

AC Dayton’s art collection is expertly curated to communicate Meyers + Associates’ vision, recalling Dayton’s history as an industrial hub in the era of the Wright Brothers’ first plane and a newly booming auto industry. The collection nestles in with the surrounding eclectic blend of contemporary and historic architecture.

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