Our Team

Our Team is made up of artists, makers, creators, and innovators with a shared mission to bring beautiful art to spaces around the world.

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Alex Loops
Alex Loops
B Dinda
Brooke Dinda
C Kloss
Claire Kloss
C Sugg
Claire Sugg
Danielle Reisman
Danielle Reisman
D Gomez
Dany Gomez
D Twite
David Twite
Dawn Renner Headshot
Dawn Renner
Deniz Miller
Erin Richardson
Erin Richardson
E Minton
Evelyn Minton
Gia Vlahopoulos
Gia Vlahopoulos
Heather Stewart
Heather Stewart
Isabel Burnette
Isabel Burnette
I Griffin
Isabel Griffin
J Kushner
Julia Kushner
K Lanser
Kat Lanser
K Nix
Kelsey Nix
K Karr
Kim Karr
Lisa Eddy DSCF JPG
Lisa Eddy
Polaroid website M Davis NF
Meg Davis
Michelle Salmieri
Michelle Salmieri
Olivia Carlson
Olivia Carlson
Olivia Scharwath
Olivia Scharwath
Tiffany DOw Headshot
Tiffany Dow

Our Story

Our roots come from Jesse’s art and his passion, and his belief above all that, "Everyone deserves great art.”

Jesse’s first camera arrived on his sixth birthday as a present from his father, celebrated photographer Simpson Kalisher. A darkroom soon followed. Despite his enthusiasm for the medium, however, when it came time to consider a career, Jesse took his father’s advice and focused on anything but photography.

In the mid 1990’s, Jesse Kalisher made a life changing decision to step away from a successful career in advertising and travel the world with his camera. While exploring the forests of Guatemala, he met his wife Helen, and through their adventures he further developed his passion for fine art photography.

In 1999, Helen and Jesse officially began their partnership, creating The Jesse Kalisher Gallery. Jesse lead Marketing and Business Development and Helen, a skilled artist and designer, developed the Kalisher branding and founded the Creative Department. After setting up a makeshift office in their spare bedroom in 2005, Jesse and Helen hired their first employee, Sarah Elder. In 2020 Sarah stepped up as CEO.

Today Kalisher HQ is located in Durham’s thriving Arts District at the Golden Belt Campus.


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